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New Arrivals
Check out the hottest new games in our library!
Lollipop World : Match 3 mania
Play “Lollipop World”, a crafty & sweet match 3
Element Blocks
Weather the elements in this puzzle game!
Super Snappy Boomguys
Best bomber royale!
Super Snappy COLLAPSE
Match Blast
Super Snappy Tower
Best stacking game
Game Library
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100 Merge Melons
Merge melons to make bigger and bigger fruit!
Element Blocks
Weather the elements in this puzzle game!
Lollipop World : Match 3 mania
Play “Lollipop World”, a crafty & sweet match 3
Animal 2048
2048 with the theme of Chinese zodiac
Futuristic, fast-paced racing!
Highway Racer
Go forward and win with your favorite car!
Circle Path
Stop circle at just the right moment to move on!
2048 - Infinity
Can you make it all the way to 2048?
Endless Spinning
Shoot balls to make the same color in 3-match
Super Snappy COLLAPSE
Match Blast
Donuts is moving!
Circle the blue orbs before they explode!
Slime Drop
Help the slime jump down and survive the dungeon
Crozzy Street
Dodge cars and trucks and make it safe across the street!
Play the classic board game!
Tower Blocks
Build your tower higher and higher!
Forever Brick Breaker
Operate the paddle and bounce the ball
Circle Ninja
Slice green circles and avoid red ones!
Super Snappy Tower
Best stacking game
Wild Boar RUN!!
The Wild Boar cannot stop suddenly!
Kungfu Jump
Can you jump all the way to the moon?
Chubby Dragon
Fly through as many pillars as possible!
Super Snappy PET HOP
Dodge the nails and protect the little birdie!
A new type of Shisen-Sho game
A quick reaction game against CPU
2048 Drop
Drop the tiles and make bigger numbers.
Make 4 chesses adjacent to win the game
Bee Connect
Take a break from being a busy bee!
Break it ! Break it ! Break the bricks !
Mansion Solitaire
Build a mansion by placing cards
P2 Ball
Break the blocks before they reach the top!
Panda Holic
Tap the moving files
Press the Different Shape
Find out the different quadrangle and press it
Super Snappy Wheels
Best racing game
Move the paddle to ricochet the ball.
Deep Sea Life ~Escape~
Let's get help from the fishes!
Angry Moon
A game run from the pursuers .
Brain training sorting game
10×10 LINEs!
Play with the magic fox.
2048: X2 Merge Blocks
A popular 2048 game in a block dropping format
Align 4
First one to get four balls in a row wins!
Animal Flash
Endless match 3 fun with cute animals!
Bowling Solitaire
Play bowling by solitaire.
Merge Bistro
Merge and build up your culinary empire !
Bubble!! Sisters
Play the puzzle bubble game with lovely sisters.
Test your memory and don’t flip out!
Gap Fit
Slide the block to fill the gap.
Move the special block to the exit.
Mahjong Match
Minesweeper Garden
Rectangular board containing hidden "mines".
Number Place1000!2
1000 number place questions are waiting for you!
Tap a pipe and change its direction.
Press the Different Colored Triangle
Find out the different triangle and press it
Press the Longest Stick
Find out the longest stick and press it
Aris Solitaire
Use 【+-×÷】 to calculate the answer.
Billiards Rotation
The "Billard Rotation" game!
Chicken Launch
Launch the chicken into the air and knock over as many people as possible!
Super Snappy Hoops
Best simple basketball game
Panda & Pão
Help the panda to wear the clothes!
Snake Strike
Eat, grow and go for the high score!
Spider Solitaire
Classical Solitaire Game.
Super Snappy Wordly
Classic wordly game
Whack zombie
Hit the zombie back
Old Maid
A four player card game with CPU.
Baku The Counterpart
Help 2 of Baku find a road to goal.
Monster Match
Train your memory with cute monsters!
Lightout G
Turn off all the lights to clear the game
Math King
Train your brain and become the King of Math!
Mine Sweeper Step
Locate and remove mines
Color Match
Can you make all the blocks the same color?
Eat and grow longer! …and longer and longer
One Stroke Reversi
Reverse the fossil/bone by 1 stroke.
One Stroke Hamster
Help the hamster by one stroke
Sushi Supply Co
Build a sushi empire with Kitty Chef!
Find out korobo
Can you find the target?
Flying Penguin
Help flying animals cross the obstacles.
Bridge Puzzle1000!
A puzzle game to build bridges
Rich Haul
Catch the same fishes
Super Snappy 2048
Social 2048 puzzle game
The Pond
Can you become the biggest fish in the pond?
Connect The Same Number
Connect the same number
Happy Chicks
Break the eggs and help them to escape
Lights out
Tap the cheer girls to let them turn around
Animal Bloxx
Let the animals fold together and do not fall
Touch Number
Tap the numbers in adcending!
OMG - What Am I?
OMG! Discover your true personality!
Scorpion Solitaire
Build 4 suit from K to A
Neighbor Alien
Make the different color aliens adjacent to each
0h n0
Train your brain with this fun logic game!
5×5 Puzzle Pittanco
Put 5 blocks which can fit each other.
Billiards Nineball
A game with simple rule of billiards nineball.
Daily Number Link
A puzzle game which need to link the same number
Hangman Plus
Endless word-puzzle fun with a jazzy soundtrack!
Hexagon Blocks
Collecting three or more blocks of the same numb
Klondike Solitaire
The most famous solitaire game.
Number place3
1000 number place questions are waiting for you!
Press the Numerous Circle
Press the circle within time limit
Repel deep-sea fish by numbers
Make the total number become 10.
1000 number puzzles in one game! Play now!
Super Number Place 1000!
1000 difficult number place questions
Super Snappy Boomguys
Best bomber royale!
Find as many words as possible in the grid!
Find out all the battleship
Battle ships
Sink enemy warships!
Gather!Kolobo Village
Make your own lovely village!
Crash Bomber
Make smaller number
Free Cell Solitaire
Move all the cards to the home cell
Golf Solitaire
Classical Solitaire game
Gourmet Diver
Slide the tiles of same ingredients to match 3.
Magical Silhouette Farm
Find out the target from silhouette
Monte Carlo Solitaire
Remove all the cards to win the game
Nonogram 1000!
The famous game nonogram.
Number Place1000!
1000 number place questions are waiting for you!
Number shooting
Shoot number blocks
OX logic puzzle 1000!
Follow the rules, put O or X in the squares.
Photo hunt
Find the difference!
Puzzle Crystal Factory
A puzzle game to make snow crystal.
Pyramid Solitaire
Classical Solitaire Game.
Pair up the same pattern of mahjong
Emoji Minesweeper
Watch your step and find all the mines!
Tower Search
Find the same tower!
Art Puzzle
Slide to complete the picture